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Cut price, pro Brexit, anti EU pub chain JD Wetherspoon is set to share its own Brexit “manifesto” on beer mats in hundreds of pubs across the UK.

Including spurious claims, Chairman and Brexiteer Tim Martin wants to manipulate his captive audience, continuing the theme of leave lies.

Pushing for food import tax to be abolished and a no deal Brexit, this is motivated purely for additional profit that Tim Martin believes he can make from the UK crashing out of the EU.

Well...Manchester for Europe aren't standing for it.

We are crowdfunding to put into production our very own WetherspEUn Manifesto beer mats. These will be distributed across the UK for individuals and groups (should they decide to so of their own volition obviously) to place in Wetherspoon locations. Some might suggest it a good idea to approach bars and pubs Wetherspoons locations too - who might be pro EU and certainly anti-spoons!

The more we raise the wider we spread our message. Help us do so. Help us #StopBrexit.

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