EU laws are made by a co-decision process. An outline proposal for a law will emerge from an EU source such as the EU Council (comprising the elected heads of government of the EU's member states, which sets the overall strategic direction for EU policy) or an individual MEP (who would meet with the Commissioner whose portfolio covered the relevant area) before this proposal is written into a detailed draft law by the Commission and laid before the European Parliament. The 751 MEPs (of which the UK had 73 in the 2014-19 Parliament) debate the proposed law before voting on it. The Parliament may also convene special Committees to examine the area in detail; each Committee is composed of MEPs directly elected by citizens of EU member states. These Committees, and individual MEPs, may propose amendments. The proposal is also laid before the Council of Ministers comprising delegates from each member state's national government in the area of law being debated (so for example, an agricultural matter would see the UK Farming Minister attend the Council, a proposed financial or taxation law would entail the UK Chancellor or their appointed deputy represent the UK in the Council) and a vote is taken. Should the proposal pass the votes in both the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers, it becomes a European law. Should either body not agree with the other, the proposal can enter up to two further rounds of debate but if there is still no agreement the proposal is abandoned without becoming law. They key point is that directly elected representatives of the citzens of EU member states, either members of their national government (and EU membership is conditional upon having an elected national government, as opposed to an unelected dictatorship) or the Members of the European Parliament that are directly elected by EU member state citizens in European elections. The Commission itself (the "unelected Brussels bureaucrats" so beloved of the UK press) have no power to actually make law themselves - they must submit their proposals to elected representatives for debate and discussion.

How is an EU law made?

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